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Cialis 10mg (5 pills)

IMPORTANT: This is intended to supplement, not replace, the judgment of your doctor or pharmacist. It should not be assumed that the drug is appropriate or effective for you. Consult your doctor before using this drug.

CIALIS (SEE-ya-lis)


USES: This medication is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It does not cure ED or increase a man's sexual drive.

HOW TO USE: Take orally as prescribed by your doctor. This is best taken an hour before sexual activity. Do not take more than one per day.

SIDE EFFECTS: Some possible side effects include: blurred vision, chest pain, rapid heart beat, dizziness, eyelid swelling, skin rash and itching. If you get an erection lasting more than 4 hours, notify your doctor.

PRECAUTIONS: Tell your doctor if you have: penis abnormalities, bleeding disorders, diabetes, GERD, heart disease, hypertension, HIV, liver disease, sickle cell disease, or allergies.

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